My graphic design work has included virtually every aspect of print publishing, from magazine and book covers to brochures, ads, billboards, achievement and psychological assessment tests, and more.

The majority of my design work for some time has been for educational publishers and has involved scholastic achievement tests, psychological assessments and the like. As such, all of those materials are secure and strictly copyrighted, which prevents me from displaying samples here. Private and personal viewings can be arranged.

Much of that work has been highly complex layouts, design, and production of data-collection documents, record forms, tests, and instructional booklets.


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Playbill, poster, and book cover
designs of the classics



See my design proposal for a planet Earth flag.


Type Face

This face was composed of all of the letters of the alphabet, hand-rendered in calligraphic style.



Eternal Love in Einsteinian Space

A Mobius strip is a one-sided surface that is constructed from a three dimensional strip to form a closed object.

Twisting the strip 180 degrees and attaching the ends to one another seems to eliminate one dimension of 3D space.

To understand the effect, trace a path from the outside front at the bottom, up and inside and all around the shape until you return to the starting point. Where there were two sides, there is now only one side. This is possible only in the curved space-time continuum revealed by Einstein.

Here, our common icon for love is shown revealing its infinitude.