This web-site is the primary example of my site designs.

My philosophy of web site design is twofold. The first focus is to provide original and outstanding ideas and graphic content. The second is to make the navigation of a site easy and quick.

Surf the Net. See how many index pages are slow to load or browse because of all the myriad content. It has been observed that the average web surfer usually spends more time waiting for a site to load and to fathom the myriad of competing content than the time spent on that page. The more crammed-in distractions, the less time visitors will stay at a site.

Attracting visitors to a site and generating return visits will depend mostly on the content of the site. Making the discovery process easy for them is what motivates the exploration of a site and a response to it.

You will see that within these pages there is much content, but that it is easy to navigate. The information and products are presented in a clean and contemporary fashion.

The site layout, page design, text, banners, buttons, and logos are all original creations. All content is original art.

Don Albert Graphic Arts
Site Specifications:

HTML program: Dreamweaver
Vector art program: FreeHand
Image editing program: Photoshop
3D art program: Poser

Site constructed on Macintosh computers.


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