Greeting Card Illustration

Depicted with singular and overlapping strokes of a calligraphy brush, the Azu Tribe is an imaginary stone-age people. Each image is a story that links the people of the past and our mutual heritages with our contemporary lives.

There are hunters, gatherers, shamans, musicians, dancers, cave painters, farmers, crafters, canoeists, storytellers, and many more scenes from daily life.

I started out making the Calligra-Cards™ for my personal correspondence and soon had requests for sets of cards. People like the idea of sending their most personal and intimate messages on original art, rather than on printed mass-market cards. Many people who buy the cards do not send them; they frame them for their personal collections, as do many of those who receive them. Each card is a one-of-a-kind, handmade, signed original, suitable for framing. You can see when you look at them that each and every card is a unique original.

Larger, more populated and detailed pictures are available.

Azu greeting cards have been sold at the Witte Museum and the San Jose Mission National Historic Site gift shops, as
well as at retail outlets in
San Antonio, Texas.

The AZU tribe and these brush-drawn figures are not intended to be seen as “Native Americans” or “Indians,” as we call the first immigrants to the American continents. Rather, they are stone-age people, that represent any and every culture. Every one of us on Earth has genetic and cultural roots in this history. We all had ancestors who were hunters and gatherers, as are the Azus. There is an American Southwest flavor to these images as the artist has lived in the Southwest for most of his life, and that is the landscape with which he is most familiar. This subject matter is a celebration of the continuity of life and humanity through the ages.


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