Five or Fewer Words Writer

When you need to say something succinctly, in as few words as possible, avail yourself of my services.

If it needs to be short, but sweet, we can help you express your thoughts and ideas.

Don Albert Graphic Arts can provide you with:

• Slogans for political, corporate, product, and event concepts

• Headlines for publications and outdoor advertising

• Catch Phrases and Jingles for broadcast

We focus on conveying your message in just five, seven, or ten words, depending on the complexity of the content.

Think of all the catch phrases, slogans, and jingles that you yourself still remember. Then you realize the effectiveness of this sales tool.

10- and 30-second radio spots are a specialty.

And when need be, we can actually say quite a lot. Services are offered for ad copy, brochures, and the like.

When time, and brevity, is of the essence, contact me for more information.

Don Albert Graphic Arts
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Financial Institutions

The Balance of Power
special dividends savings account promo


Your mortgage is about to become extinct.
Equity builder mortgage promo


Plusbook Savings Account
special interest savings account promo


Retail Headlines

Esprit Decor
(Esprit de Corps)

interior design store sale ad headline


The Rare Essentials
upscale jewelry store ad headline and slogan


When you need a hauler,
give us a holler.

moving company slogan


bed and breakfast establishment


Public Service

Recycle Furniture, Appliances, and People
Goodwill Industries outdoor billboard