Logo Design

Logo design can be the most important symbol of any corporate or business identity. Simplicity, strength, and recognition are the primary attributes of an effective mark.

Don Albert Graphic Arts can provide you with:

• Typographical and pictorial concepts

• Strong conceptual links to your type of business or product

• Multiple media application plans, including letterhead, signage, web, and multi-media

Don Albert Graphic Arts focuses on presenting your business or product image with the utmost clarity and recognition value.

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Don Albert Graphic Arts

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All designs shown here are trademarked and/or copyrighted by the client or by Don Albert Graphic Arts, © 2009.

The following logos are proposed designs. The first two are for sale at Brandstack.com. The rest are for direct sale. Contact DAGA for purchase and rights information if you see anything that suits your business or enterprise.

Most logo desings are available with design variations. Designs can be customized to your business.

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We the People
Proposed design for political or patriotic organization
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Notable Music
Proposed design for music publisher or group
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Proposed design for security or common interests business
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Lava Java
Proposed design for Hawaiian coffee business
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Purple Mountains Majesty
Proposed design for real estate or hospitality businesses
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Proposed design for beach resorts or real estate,
or for personality publications
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