Skin to Bones
Watch a man stepping out of his skin.

She- Fat to Thin
Witness a woman losing 60 pounds!

Biker Circling
Take a look at a circling motorcyclist .

Finger Quotes
See what is not said.

Jailhouse Blues
See an unusual sort of confinement.

Tastes Good!
Have a taste of something yummy.

Astronaut Waving
Observe an EVA .

by Don Albert

A different way of looking at things is always an attention grabber. My animations all offer a unique and memorable perspective.

Don Albert Graphic Arts provides a variety of animation services . When you need a stand-out idea for promoting yourself or your business, contact me.

Take a look and see for yourself. Many more subjects and concepts are coming soon. They're ideal for web pages.

These animations are shown at a reduced size and resolution of the originals.