Animal Art

Presented here are self-promotion pieces of wildlife art, directed at educational publishers.

Three-dimensional, virtual models are selected and imported into Poser, the 3D figure modeling program.

Texture and color maps are applied to the surface of the model. Morphs are often applied to alter the mesh of the model for a different look (such as changing a Labrador into a Chihuahua).

The models are then posed and positioned. The scene is composed and lit in virtual 3D space.

When all 3D elements are assembled, a camera-like rendering of the scene is specified and then made. You see the end results here.

This type of image work is ideal for web content. It offers the advantage of quicker production time, faster alterations, and sooner delivery.

All images are available at high resolutons for print and web.

Click on the bottom left image to see a larger sample. Contact me and I will email you larger samples.


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