Donald William Albert

1023 Flower Forest
San Antonio, Texas 78245

Career Chronology

Don Albert Graphic Arts • Austin/San Antonio, TX • Freelancer • 8/74-6/79, 7/81-8/82, 5/85-6/89, 11/99-Present
Sleek Software Corp. • Austin, TX • Illustration & Contract Art Director • 12/05-2/06
Educational Testing Services K-12 • San Antonio, TX • Illustration Consultant • 6/02-12/02
Harcourt Assessment, Inc. • San Antonio, TX • Designer • 6/89-11/99
Graphic Communications, Inc. • San Antonio, TX • Senior Art Director/Copywriter • 5/84-1/85
Slangal, Hester, & Young Advertising • San Antonio, TX • Senior Art Director/Copywriter • 8/82-5/84
Romeo & Associates Advertising • Austin, TX • Creative Director • 6/79-7/81
Austin People Today Magazine • Austin, TX • Advertising Production Director • 9/75-1/76
Media Services Division Texas State Dept. of Human Resources• Austin, TX • Illustrator I & II • 11/72-8/74

Professional Experience

Working in both traditional studio and digital imaging methods, I have worked as a graphic designer, illustrator, copywriter, and creative & project director for over thirty years. I have won regional, national, and international recognition.

I have worked for publishers, advertising agencies, professional associations, real estate developers, retail businesses, financial institutions, and software applications businesses in a variety of print and broadcast media.

I have been responsible for directing the work of designers, illustrators, and copywriters, as well as photographic models, voice talents, model makers, photographers, production artists, typesetters, and printers.

I have a wide range of experience in desktop publishing, web-site publishing and management, vector illustration, image-editing, and 3D illustration. I work mainly in Macintosh OSX. I have some PC platform and program experience.

As a Designer at Harcourt Assessment, Inc., I devised the procedures for producing various types of digital data-collection documents for educational and psychological assessment products. I have directed the design and production of major state testing programs, and have worked in some capacity on more than fifteen different state assessments.

I have also written technical and procedural manuals for producing various types of data-collection products. I have trained pre-press personnel in the digital production of machine-scorable documents.

The extent of my experience and abilities is a result of my wide range of personal and professional interests, as well as a response to circumstantial opportunities and necessities.

What I do best is to create ideas and images for impressions, identities, and information. I am receptive to further challenges and consequent rewards. Currently I am developing 3D content for e-commerce and continuing to provide illustration to educational publishing clients.


Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Texas at Austin, 1972
Continuing self-education.


Born: Tiffin, Ohio, USA. Personal interests include backpacking, bird-watching, fine arts, digital arts, music, literature, San Antonio Spurs basketball